Thanks to BGP member Harris Bornstein, I was made aware of changes to the 2019 Tour Championship that have an impact on our pool. I am going to explain the issues and let everyone know how the pool will proceed. Please know that the decision on how to move forward was made based on what is in the best interest of the pool and protecting the field.


The Tour changed the FedEx Cup for 2019 and most importantly the Tour Championship. I was aware of the fact that the FedEx Cup was shortened from 4 tournaments to 3 tournaments and that change isreflected in the 2019 BGP format. What I was not aware of was the fact that the winnerof the Tour Championship is now the winner of the FedEx Cup. In years past 1 golfer could win the Tour Championship golf tournament (and get a winner’s check) and another golfer could win the FedEx Cup (and get the bonus). In 2019, the winner of the tournament wins the fed ex cup and the $15 million is awarded. This was not the intent of the pool and awarding $15 million would affect the intent of how the pool was intended to operate.

 Here is how we will move forward for the 2019 Tour Championship – For the 2019 Tour Championship we will use the $9 Million 2018 purse as detailed below:

This decision allows the pool to continue in the format that was intended at the beginning of the year. So if you pick Tiger for the Tour Championship and he wins you will be awarded $1.620 million. If you pick Tiger and he ties with Rory for 5th place in the Tour Championship then you will be awarded half of the 5th and 6th place payout or $342 K.


The PGA Tour has decided to use as a staggered starting position for the Tour Championship based on your FedEx Cup position after the BMW Championship. See the attached graphic. So whoeveris leading the FedEx Cup in point after the BMW will start the Tour Championship at -10. Whoever is second in points starts at -8. 3rd starts at -7 with 4th at -6 and 5th at -5. The next 5 golfers start at -4 and this continues with golfers 26-30 starting 10 shots back of the leader at  E.

 We will just move forward as is with our picks and it will be up to each member to decide who to pick based on what golfers they have left. If you have the leader left and want to pick him then you start at -10. If you want to pick someone else then you will start wherever that golfer is seeded based on his FedEx Cup points.

 Obviously I will have to evaluate what we do for 2020 but for now this is how we will proceed for 2019 and I do believe that no one in the BGP gains any advantage based on this path forward and that the pool and field are protected