2020 Bing Golf Pool Rules

There will be 18 tournaments, with the first tournament being the Farmers Insurance Open (Torrey Pines) which begins on Thursday, January 23.  Pick one golfer for each tournament.  You cannot pick the same golfer twice.  Example: if you pick Tiger for the Masters, you cannot pick him any other time during the season.  

Make sure you check the list of golfers you have picked before entering a selection.  Although the picks page provides a list of the golfers each member has previously selected, the final responsibility for making sure that you do not make a duplicate pick rests on the member.  Yes, we could design the site to preclude duplicate picks.  I choose not to do this because I feel this is an integral part of the pool.  Think of this like signing a scorecard at a PGA Tour event, just a part of the game.  

Whatever amount your selected golfer earns is what you earn for that tournament.  If you pick an amateur, you get no money.  If that amateur does really well, you should be really happy about your gutsy selection, but you still get no money (Hello Bret).  All picks must be made through the website picks page.  You must make your pick prior to that player teeing off. In the event you choose a golfer and that golfer subsequently withdraws before starting his round, or in the event you wish to change your pick, you may do so as long as your original pick and your subsequent pick have not yet teed off.  In the event that you accidentally pick the same golfer more than once during the season, you will receive $0 for the duplicate pick. If you do it on purpose you will also receive $0.

The Bing Golf Pool will include 3 seperate pools

Pool #1 – The Bing Golf Pool

The Bing Golf Pool winner is the member who accumulates the most earnings in the 18 tournaments during the season.

FedEx Cup Elimination Format:

After the British Open Championship, the pool will have completed 15 tournaments.  The top 30 members (plus ties) who have accumulated the most earnings will be allowed to compete in the first round of the FedEx Cup.  The remaining members will be eliminated.  These remaining members will have to re-apply for membership in the pool.

After the first round of the FedEx Cup, 7 members will be eliminated, the remaining 23 members will compete in the 2nd round of the FedEx Cup.

After the second round of the FedEx Cup, 8 additional members will be eliminated, the remaining 15 members will compete in the Tour Championship to determine the winner of the Bing Golf Pool.

Pool #2 – The Majors Pool

The Majors Pool winner is the member who accumulates the most earnings in the four major tournaments. If you need to be told which tournaments are the majors, then this pool is not meant for you.

Pool #3 – The FedEx Cup Pool

Only the top 30 money earning members (including ties) who move onto the FedEx Cup will compete in the FedEx Cup Pool.  The FedEx Cup Pool winner is the member who accumulates the most earnings in the three FedEx Cup tournaments.

Click Here to see the 2020 FedEx Tour Championship Earnings

Member Dues and Prizes

The members dues for this year’s pool are $110.  Payouts will be awarded as follows:

Bing Golf Pool

1st = $2000

2nd = $1000

3rd = $750

4th = $650

5th = $500

6th = $400

7th = $300

8th = $250

9th = $200

10th = $150

Majors Pool

1st = $1000

2nd = $600

3rd = $300

Fed Ex Cup Pool

1st = $1000

2nd = $600

3rd = $300

Bing Golf Pool Credo

The most important thing to remember is this is NOT a cut-throat pool - it is meant to be fun.  I will always do my best to make fair judgments and I hope people will respect the decisions I have to make. Much like in golf, all decisions will be made in order to “protect the field.”

Shane Lowry - 2019 British Open Champion